UCL Pond Week Kicks Off with Grasshopper Pond!

The BIG 50 UCL pond week commenced today with scrub clearnence at a mammoth pond in Hindolveston, Norfolk.
After a heavy downpour to start the day, a huge team of enthusiastic UCL staff and students, old and new, joined long-time local supporters of the Norfolk Ponds Project to clear the vegetation around Grasshopper Pond: a huge horseshoe shaped pond in the Norfolk farmland.

After an introduction and H & S tool talk, the chainsaw team began removing the willow that has encroached the pond over the years, uncovering grasshoppers, frogs and shieldbugs along the way!

After day one the trees and scrub are removed from most of the pond basin and perimeter and we are keen for the digger to join us tomorrow!

Check out our pond clearance progress on Day One of UCL Pond Week

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