Restoring and exploring the Secret Life of Ponds

Bringing together sound artists, poets, freshwater scientists and London and Norfolk audiences in an exploration of the declining UK farmland pond and their extraordinary biodiversity. In partnership with UCL Culture, Hot Poets and The Nature Recovery Network we will facilitate a series of collaborations and artworks that raise awareness of the importance of protecting and restoring ponds within the context of climate change. The artwork will be presented in the Grant Museum of Zoology and The Norwich Science Festival, alongside a series of performances and engagement activities for distinct urban and rural communities, that aim to connect people with local pond habitats and inspire community action.

Our Norwich Science Festival Events

The Secret Life of Ponds Performance – Poetry, Music and Freshwater Science: Friday 17 Feb 7pm


An evening of poetry, music and freshwater science with poets Chris Redmond, Madi Maxwell-Libby & Amina Atiq and musicians Alice Boyd, Tom Fisher & Dot.i.

The Secret Life of Ponds Workshop – Creating Water-Inspired Poetry:
Friday 17th Feb 10am-1pm


Led by performance poet Chris
Redmond & freshwater scientist
Helen Greaves, this introductory
poetry workshop offers creative
ways in to understanding
biodiversity loss by creating your
very own pond poem.