The pond restoration process in pictures

Watch the process of a pond restoration from UCL pond week 2016

In 2016, the UCL Pond Restoration week was held at Heydon, North Norfolk. We had the opportunity to work on some fantastic ponds in gorgeous weather! We produced a short video of our time-lapse footage of one of the restorations and we include it here so that you can see what it is like to volunteer on a pond restoration.


Volunteers remove the scrub so that the digger can access the pond.
The digger scrapes away the leaf litter at the bottom of the dry pond basin.
Just after finishing, water begins to fill the pond.

In year one post-restoration, the pond begins to colonise in late summer. By year two there are submerged macrophytes across the bottom of the pond and emergent plants have recolonised on the shallowest slope. The photo below was not taken from the same angle but you can spot the curved branch of the same tree in both photos!

Two years on and the pond retains vital water all through the hot summer of 2018. The willows stumps have regrown providing early flowers for flying insects and the emergent plants have recolonised from the seedbank.

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