Mystery Pond

Mystery Pond is an unusual pond, of a rare type in Norfolk. It was constructed originally with the building of a semi-circular bank on the side a the slope, this capturing the water seeping naturally from the side of the river valley. To balance the inflow it has a small outflow on the west side. The original purpose is unknown, and unlike most Norfolk ponds it doesn’t seem to have been the source of material (such as marl for agriculture, or clay for building or peat for burning), perhaps it was to intercept some of the seeping water and direct it away from some of the low lying land.

Prior to restoration the pond had entirely silted up and was full of dense willow. It was completely dry and between 75-100% shaded. The restoration took place on the 21st February 2020 as part of the Natural England District Level Licensing Scheme for Great Crested Newts.


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