As we are the Norfolk Ponds Project, of course, the vast majority of our BIG 50 ponds are going to be undertaken in this wonderful county. However, our academic partners of the NPP; the UCL Pond Restoration Research Group are also demonstrating that the restoration of overgrown farmland ponds can be just as successful in other parts of lowland England. We are therefore working in conjunction with West Lancashire Wildlife in Lancashire and WWT Slimbridge in Gloucestershire to begin widening this exciting work.

Farmland ponds in every field in West Lancashire


As a collective, the NPP partners undertake pond restorations and pond creations across the whole county. Over the last 5 years, we have been working on a landscape-scale approach in the areas around Bodham and Heydon. For the BIG 50, with support from the landowners, we will continue to increase connectivity across the landscape by improving the habitat in individual ponds.


Work in Lancashire began as part of the British Ecological Society funded ‘Great Twin Pond Dig’ which comes to a close this Autumn. Whilst the project will officially end, our good work will not and we will continue to try to expand our pond landscape, as well as encourage further restorations.


In Gloucestershire, we have been working with the fabulous farmers of the ? to look at the potential of farmer-led monitoring of farmland ponds. Following two fantastic pond restoration workshops led by Carl Sayer and Helen Greaves (UCL PRRG) the farmers are keen to undertake some restorations this Autumn.